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        Will the yellow car be yellow in the end?

        From: Tech Company  Date:2018-06-05 18:13:08  Hits:356  Belong to:Industry Trends
        In a series of rumours and rumours, the yellow car shows that the sharing bicycle industry is in a precarious situation.
        The news about the tight fund chain of the small yellow car is not the first time to pass out. In one of the rumors and refuting rumours, the small yellow car shows the wind and rain of the sharing of the bicycle industry.
        In June 4th, there were media reports that ofo small yellow car was facing difficulties such as tight capital chain and massive layoffs. It is said that the number of layoffs will be the largest in the history of ofo, with a total reduction of 50% in headquarters and the possibility of further expansion. The layoffs involve all business lines of ofo, including business teams and functional departments. Among them, there are 80 supply chain teams with a layoff ratio of 60%, that is, the supply chain will retain only 32 people.
        At the same time, management will also undergo drastic changes. Zhang Yanqi, director of overseas market, resigned and the whole overseas department was dissolved. At the same time, senior executives, including Yang Nan, and vice president of public relations, Yang Xun, are the senior executives who are responsible for marketing public relations.
        Overseas business will not be abolished
        In response to this, ofo, an internal employee, told the first finance company that Nan Nan had already left, but mainly for personal reasons. Zhang Yanqi did not quit. Recently, the company carried out a major organizational restructuring. Zhang Yanqi may be responsible for the block chain business.
        &ldquo, the company has not heard of the large scale downsizing. From the current WeChat group, there are about 2800 people from about 3000 people to the present year, and there is no proportion of the downsizing mentioned in the report. ” the employees told the first finance.
        At the very first time after the incident, ofo co-founder Yu Xin wrote a response in his circle of friends, saying that COO's resignation was inconsistent, and that the overseas business was disbanded. On the issue of layoffs mentioned in the report, Yu said that the matter could not be clarified and could only be given time to prove that someone behind it was pushing. One of the rumors, Yang Xun, also responded in a circle of friends, saying he had not left.
        Although ofo denies management earthquake and large scale layoffs, but from ofo and drop drop, three stationed executives leave to ofo to bypass the drop mortgage single car to borrow blood to Ali 1 billion 770 million, and refusing to buy the offer to be exposed to a pay reduction, to a certain extent, reflects the financial and operational pressure of the ofo.
        Whether it is the bankruptcy fatality of small blue and small cars, or the final &ldquo of the motorist, the arm is no more than the &rdquo of the thigh; there is no clear profit model and positive cash flow, which makes it difficult for the sharing single car business to run independently.
        In the early days of sharing bicycles, the founding team and even investors once thought that rent could recover costs and make profits. Ofo founder Dai Wei once counted an account: at present, each car can bring about 5~10 yuan, the cost of ofo bicycles is less than 300 yuan. If it is depreciated according to 12 months' scrap, the depreciation is less than 1 yuan a day. Every operation and maintenance personnel is responsible for 300 cars, the salary of 100 yuan a day, the cost of each car, the cost of one day. It is less than 1 yuan, and gross profit is around 70%~80%.
        But under the help of capital, the parameters of the actual competition field are much more complicated than this account.
        A number of bike companies have launched a large number of vehicles, launched “ no deposit ” “ free ” and other modes, it is not realistic to rely solely on rental profits. “ the sharing of single car business model is established, but the valuation is too high, in the absence of management, the rent free model is difficult to continue in a second line city, the deposit is also very serious. ” Chen Yuying CEO once told the first finance company before he was a small cyclist.
        The tightening of capital and the high cost of management and operation depend on the single rental income. After the new year, the ofo and the small yellow cars stopped the price war. Ofo even launched commercially commercialized commercials on the body and launched an advertising campaign on APP.
        The publication shows that the resource data given by ofo is “ 15 million vehicles and 250 million users ” and the advertising price of the brand custom body is 2000 yuan per month, the open screen advertising price is 100~120 yuan, and the 1000CPM is sold. In the third party workplace social networking software, reporters also found that a number of ofo B2B Division staff in promoting advertising business.
        But in actual promotion, brand owners still worry about the effect of body advertisement. &ldquo, on the one hand, the advertising position is relatively narrow, a lot of the shared bicycle parking on the roadside is filled with psoriasis advertising, the effect will be discounted, and the mobile advertising should also take into account the environmental security problems of the brand. &rdquo, a senior advertising person, told reporters.
        More direct risks come from policies, including cities in Beijing and Shanghai, which have begun to ban commercial advertising on vehicles, and the revenue growth that advertising can bring is not optimistic.
        Left and right hand interpacing
        The sharing bike market is also brewing new changes, and the giant is the biggest variable.
        The Harold cycling, which was invested by Ali, was again invested in an investment of 2 billion yuan in ant gold clothing. According to the Yongan announcement, the share companies have gained 2 billion 60 million yuan for low carbon science and technology, of which the ant gold clothing company, Shanghai Yunxin, is 1 billion 893 million yuan, and the share ratio of Shanghai Yunxin to low carbon technology will rise from 27.6% to 36.7%; the share ratio of Yongan bank will fall from 10.2% to 8.9%, which is the second shareholders and low carbon science and technology. The value of the body is not less than 14.68 billion dollars.
        Low carbon science and technology is the operation main body after the combination of low carbon and Yongan. In the past half a year, the harrow single car has completed 4 rounds of financing, the total financing amount is over 1 billion 500 million US dollars, and the scale and speed of financing is in sharp contrast with the whole industry. Ant gold collar has invested three rounds of financing, becoming the largest shareholder of harrow bicycle.
        After missing the traffic entrance of the car war, Ali will not miss the huge line of the single car. Since March, the national sesame credit free deposit strategy adopted by the harrow's bicycle has become an important grab for Ali's promotion of payment tools. In the industry, as the Ali Department layout sharing two important pieces of the single car, the ant gold clothes on the harrow single car frequency increases, making the strategic position of the harrow's bicycle in the promotion.
        On the other hand, ofo, which has been seeking independent development, is trying to establish its own credit system. Previously, ofo and sesame credit cooperation in the 25 cities of the country launched a policy of credit free deposit, now only Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Xiamen, which can use the credit free deposit, are the only 5 cities. In other cities, users need to buy 95 yuan “ welfare package ” then continue to enjoy the deposit free service, 95 yuan “ welfare package ” be directly charged into the account balance, after consumption, users need to buy again.
        Contact:Miss Cheng

        Mobile:15874986808 Telephone:86-010-12345678

        Address:Room 6, 8th Building, XueYuan Road HaiDian District Beijing China
        WeChat scan concerns us:
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